Mo. Governor May Allow Gun Control Nullification Bill To Pass Without His Signature

Missouri could soon join Kansas in enacting a state law that refuses to enforce federal gun control measures.

Jay Nixon, the scandal-plagued governor of Missouri has a decision to make. He can sign the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB 436) which was passed by both houses of the Republican-controlled state legislature earlier this month, or he can veto it, or he can “vote present”, i.e. not make a decision, and allow the bill to pass without his signature.

When asked about Governor Nixon’s intention, a source inside his office told The New American that in an effort to avoid multiplying the several scandals already plaguing his administration, Nixon would likely let the bill sit on his desk without signing or vetoing it, thus allowing the measure to become law without his participation.
According to Article III, Section 31 of the Missouri state constitution:
Every bill which shall have passed the house of representatives and the senate shall be presented to and considered by the governor, and, within fifteen days after presentment, he shall return such bill to the house in which it originated endorsed with his approval or accompanied by his objections. If the bill be approved by the governor it shall become a law. When the general assembly adjourns, or recesses for a period of thirty days or more, the governor shall return within forty-five days any bill to the office of the secretary of state with his approval or reasons for disapproval. If any bill shall not be returned by the governor within the time limits prescribed by this section it shall become law in like manner as if the governor had signed it.

This way, HB 436 could become law on June 6 without the governor’s signature. 

The new law would reject all federal acts that infringe on a Missouri citizens’ rights under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, and allow school personnel to carry concealed weapons on school grounds.


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