Planned Parenthood abortionist declared a “clear and immediate danger to the public”

Your next Kermit Gosnell is Planned Parenthood abortionist Timothy Liveright, winner of both the 2013 Ironic Names Award and designation as a “clear and immediate danger to the public” by the Delaware State Board of Medicine.  

His clinic ended up with 14 health violations, he’s looking at a complaint from the Delaware Attorney General with 10 charges of “incompetence and negligence,” he’s been accused of sexually harassing his staff and patients, and he had to surrender his Delaware license in April (although he’s still apparently got a valid license in Pennsylvania, so women in that state should be on the lookout for him when visiting a clinic.)

The other familiar aspect of the story was the utter disinterest of Planned Parenthood, or the government they exchange so many lovely subsidies and donations with, for doing anything about Liveright.  A full year of complaints from two of his nurses went ignored, so they finally took their story to the media.  Only then did the Attorney General suddenly start filing complaints against this freak show.  The nurses called Liveright’s clinic an “absolute nightmare,” and described the studied ignorance of the authorities and that oh-so-caring abortion industry as “heartbreaking.”

“It smacks of reactionary, ‘we-have-to-cover-our-butts’ bureaucratic practices,” said Republican state Senator Greg Lavelle. “This is typical abortion politics.”

“It is hypocritical that Planned Parenthood label themselves advocates of women’s health when their own abortionist, Timothy F. Liveright, has been exposed for Gosnell-like practices, and their earlier claim that Gosnell was an outlier is obviously false when Delaware medical authorities have identified this same Planned Parenthood doctor as ‘a clear and immediate danger to the public,'” said Maureen Ferguson, senior policy adviser for the Catholic Association.

Business as usual, for a business that conforms very closely to the Left’s caricature of a sinister corporation that protects itself from oversight by buying off politicians.  But they remain blind to this perfect example of everything they claim to hate.