'God's Not Dead' and New Lessons

I saw God’s Not Dead this morning.  Given that it’s a Christian movie and is being promoted by churches across the country, it’s no surprise that the movie has a message. I happen to agree with the message, but I was leery of how it would be delivered.

At the beginning of the movie (like MANY movies), characters are introduced as one-dimensional.  You quickly learn who are the good guys and bad guys.  Some of the non-religious people were outlandish caricatures .  In real life, it’s harder to detect who is good and bad.  It’s something I write about a lot in my book, Finding Mr. Righteous.  

God’s Not Dead is about a freshman college student who must prove that God exists after a cocky professor insists that God is dead and wants all of his students to agree.  The movie weaves together how the many characters cross paths.  There are others here at the Convo who can write better reviews of the movie, so I’ll just focus on my own experience.

God’s Not Dead reminded me that even though I’ve written a book on the lessons I’ve learned and my own religious journey there are lessons I have to keep relearning.  We’re never too good or perfect to not be humbled by our sins.