Democrats Propose Obama 'Like A Boss' Bumpersticker

Democrats Propose Obama 'Like A Boss' Bumpersticker

I kid you not. 

In the face of the Veterans Affairs scandal – in which problems and wait times sky-rocketed at VA hospitals around the country due to Obama’s gross mismanagement and neglect – the Democrat party is proposing a new bumpersticker, lauding him for being “like a boss.”

Proof positive that liberals live in a different universe than we do:

Naturally this inspired much ridicule and photoshops on Twitter:

(My favorite picture of Obama throwing a baseball ^^^^ until earlier this week.) 

@TheDemocrats doubled down with the stupid and obnoxious:

See Twitchy for more.

In the real world, successful bosses hold people accountable and accept responsibility when something goes wrong.  A successful boss doesn’t have a reverse Midas Touch on everything he touches, for crying out loud.

Everything that weakens the economy, and undermines the culture has sky-rocketed under the management of this particular boss.  Not good things. Only bad things.

Unless you consider government dependency to be a good thing: Government programs are sky-rocketing: Tracfone (Obama-phone) usage, foodstamp usage, medicaid expansion, welfare expansion, and the number of people on disability — all have sky-rocketed.

Insurance rates,  unemployment, racial division, non-enforcement of  immigration laws, government workers, government corruption, “public sector millionaires”,  homelessness,  tuition costs, inflation, taxes, debt, religious persecution throughout the world, and intolerance for people who dare to voice non-liberal views – all have sky-rocketed.

As a result of all this, distrust in government has (you guessed it) sky-rocketed.

The only arguably good thing that has sky-rocketed under Obama is gun ownership. But not for a healthy reason. People are afraid their freedoms are going to be curtailed and are watching in horror at Obama’s gross mismanagement of the economy, so they’re buying guns and becoming preppers in record numbers. 

Obama scares the hell out of people #LikeABoss.


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