They call it border 'security' for a reason

In response to Illegal Immigration Influx Along US Southern Border Is A National Security Issue :

You’re absolutely right, from the standpoint of thwarting not just terrorists, but also gang members and individual criminals.  While we wait for the terrorists to show up – assuming they haven’t already surfed across the human tidal wave, and there have been a few disturbing anecdotal reports that make me wonder if they have – we can enjoy the recruiting efforts of the MS-13 gang, definitely one of the biggest “winners” in Obama’s manufactured border crisis.

The government doesn’t want to share details about how gangs are turning our new “resettlement” centers into recruiting grounds, and the mainstream media sure as hell doesn’t want to dig into the story, but Katie Pavlich has been all over it.  There’s actually more than one gang coming in to collect on Obama’s amnesty offers; there’s already been at least one gang rumble in the detention facilities.  The Border Patrol has documents that detail just how vicious these characters are:

In an interview with Border Patrol agents, 15-year-old self admitted MS-13 member with the last name Aguilar said he killed a member of rival gang 18th Street six months ago with a fully automatic Uzi before coming to the United States.

“He claims he walked over to the wounded rival, and emptied the magazine into the rival’s body,” interview documents show.

Aguilar also admitted to, “being involved in extortion for the gang,” and “collecting money from local vendors and threatening them if they refused to pay.”

Pro tip for young Mr. Aguilar: send that resume to the Obama Administration.  They can always use more people who know how to collect money from local vendors and threaten businessmen.

Another MS-13 member with the last name Garcia admitted to receiving a phone call while in the processing center from El Salvador with orders to carry out a murder on a rival gang member.

“Garcia stated he received a call from homeboy who is incarcerated in an El Salvadoran prison. This individual ordered Garcia to kill a rival 18th Street gang member,” documents state. “Garcia stated his plans were to reunite in Los Angeles with his father.”

Who is, I’m sure, a model citizen with valid documentation.  Not that anyone will ask him to produce it when he swings by to pick up this “unaccompanied alien child.”  In fact, another of the gangsters interviewed by the Border Patrol openly admitted that the father he expects to be reunited with in Maryland is an illegal alien, and so is his brother, another 18th Street gang tough who has particular expertise at sneaking across the border.  Maybe that explains why the governor of Maryland is so eager to shove Obama’s invited guests off to the other 49 states.

Then you’ve got freelance scumbags like the guy who pocketed his “Notice to Appear” for deportation hearings – which is the specific document referred to by illegal aliens as a “permiso,” i.e. their permission slip to stay in America forever – and then murdered his girlfriend and kidnapped some children.  Or the guy who’s been deported four times already, but somehow managed to slip back across the border and sexually assault a 9-year-old girl.

I thought your point about how the government has no problem printing up stacks of funny money for anything Democrats want to finance was excellent.  Your liberal sparring partner sounded ridiculous when he tried claiming our $4 trillion mega-government just plumb ran out of money to fund border security.  It’s one of the first things they should be doing, a sworn duty that transcends the dimwitted social engineering schemes and crony-capitalist agendas they spend billions on.  There’s is no need for a single penny of new money; President Obama should be required to do his duty on the border, ripping whatever funds he needs from his vote-buying plans and corporatist boondoggles.  

National security most definitely includes border security – arguably that should be the top point on the national security to-do list, before virtually anything else our security apparatus does.  One of the reasons to have an immigration system – which is a meaningless joke without the will to enforce its laws – is to prevent the importation of criminal elements.  I know it’s not politically correct to say it, but a large body of people whose first experience with American law involves breaking it, with impunity, does not represent a promising pool of orderly citizens.  But even that’s not as sharp a concern as violation of our immigration system by hard-core criminals, who become even more difficult to monitor than most miscreants when they vanish into the “shadows” without proper documentation.  Such criminals have many solid reasons for feeling their countries of origin, and they’re exceptionally good at interfacing with the criminal network that feeds illegal aliens into the United States.  Is anyone really going to be surprised when some of them turn out to be outright terrorists, and they pull of something big?