Capito: Obama "Doesn't Seem to Care" About Working-Class Men.

The biggest casualty in this year’s West Virginia Senate race may be Barack Obama.

West Virginia Democrat Natalie Tennant recently aired an ad that turned the lights out in the White House, now Republican Shelley Moore Capito is up with a  one-minute spot in which Capito says Obama “doesn’t seem to care” about working-class men.

She also goes on to say Obama doesn’t understand a way of life in which people want to be independent and self reliant. It also points out that Tennant supported Obama for president – twice – despite his “war on coal.”

It’s hard hitting, to say the least and also casts Obama almost as one of those dreaded “one-percenters,” which he undoubtedly is, or soon will be shortly after leaving the White House, perhaps as “broke” as a Clinton.

After a male narrator dings Tennant for backing Obama, Capito concludes, “He doesn’t understand that way of life.  And I want to go to the Senate and show him. This is the West Virginia way.”