Women Voters Express Their Disappointment with Obama

The President’s failure of leadership on foreign affairs is causing some heartfelt supporters to express disappointment in him.

Kimberly Cole voted for Obama twice but now she tells the Washington Post, “he’s lost his way.” Karlene Richardson, another big supporter, has a more specific critique. She tells the Post, “I’m starting to wonder whether the world takes us seriously.”

The Post notes that both women were part of the recent poll which found the President’s approval rating sliding among his usual constituencies. For instance, his approval among women has dropped to 44% while disapproval is up to 50 percent. Among Hispanics his approval dropped from 75% last year to 57% now.

Foreign affairs has become a particularly low point in recent polls. The Post poll found 37 percent of respondents approve of his handling of crises like the ones in Iraq and Ukraine. This generally agrees with a recent Gallup poll which found Republicans have a 23-point advantage over Democrats on the issue of protecting the U.S. from terrorism.

There is a cottage-industry within the media of stories about people expressing disappointment with President Obama. Usually that comes from the left since the right never expected much from the President. In just the last week Michael Moore expressed his profound disappointment and a few days earlier it was proponents of his executive order on immigration who were “livid” over his refusal to act.


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