Jason Mattera, James O'Keefe Doing the Work the Mainstream Media Won't (to Democrats)

Bravo to Jason Mattera for doing the work the mainstream media should have been doing for nearly two years now:

By simply doing what should be standard operating procedure in our media, Mattera looks like some sort of rebellious revolutionary.

But what is he really doing? A little thing we used to call “journalism.” He’s demanding answers and comment from a powerful government official who abused her office for partisan political purposes.  Now, on a $100,000 annual pension, this corrupt official is able to hide behind the 5th Amendment without reporters bothering her.

How is this allowed to happen in America?


Our unbiased, objective, not-at-all-liberal media will dig-dig-dig into the NFL scandal, the backgrounds of “Duck Dynasty” stars, and all things surrounding a “white Hispanic” involved in a local Florida crime, but this same media refuses to try and get the truth from Lois “Fifth Amendment” Lerner.

The media will, however, give Lerner a warm tongue bath.

Video of this awful woman being relentlessly pursued by reporters should be the norm, not unique.

The same is true of what James O’Keefe is doing in Kentucky.

Time and again and again we have seen our unbiased, objective, not-at-all-liberal media use hidden video to destroy Republicans. But apparently no one  in this same media bothered to ask any of Democrat Alison Grimes’ leftwing supporters what they thought of her position in support of Kentucky’s coal industry.

James O’Keefe did, and as a result we learned that the supporters, and more importantly the contributors, of a high-profile U.S. Senate candidate expect her to do a 180 and destroy the coal industry once in office.

This is news. This is truth. This is the pursuit of truth. This is afflicting the corrupt and the powerful.

I now return you to our oh-so “respected” media as they ask Republicans about birth control, Ted Nugent, a local crime in Florida, and whether a Duck Commander should still be on a reality show.

The American mainstream media as an institution is nothing less than a boot-licking stooge determined to protect the power of central government.

The fact that Jason Mattera and James O’Keefe can garner all this attention and cause all  this commotion simply by doing what the media is supposed to, says more about the sorry state of our media than them.

God bless them both. 


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