Top Democrat Charlie Crist Receives Lap Dance Dollars From Strip Clubs

Remember that classic Motley Crue  song “Girls! Girls! Girls!?”

Well, that song, which is arguably the official national anthem for all strip clubs around the U.S. and probably the world, could now become the theme song for Democrat Charlie Crist’s current gubernatorial campaign.

According to Charlie Crist for Florida’s reported campaign finance records, a whopping $40,000 has been donated to the PAC by two companies that operate strip clubs in Florida, SB Productions and J.W. Lee Properties.

J.W. Lee Properties, which does business as the popular Scarlett’s Cabaret strip club in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and its owners Brandon Samuels, John Blanke, and William Beasley, are all named in a lawsuit spearheaded by one of the clubs former female dancers.

The lawsuit alleges that the Defendants “have a longstanding policy of misclassifying their employees, including the Plaintiff, as independent contractors and refusing to pay the employees at the applicable minimum wage and overtime rate.” 

One of the owners, Brandon Samuels, actually sits on the board that represents the adult entertainment industry,  the Florida Sunshine Entertainment Association.

The Democrat Party establishment, including DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who are all supporting Crist’s campaign, must be besides themselves after learning that campaign donations have been received from donors who operate a business that is perceived to sexually exploit women, as well as allegedly refusing  to pay them their fair and “applicable minimum wage,” or any wages at all.

The average lap dance at Scarlett’s will cost someone $20, which means that the proceeds of approximately 2000 lap dances contributed to Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial campaign.

Another fun fact about Scarlett’s is that they charge their exotic dancer’s a nightly mandatory fee to work there.

From what I have been told, it costs each dancer about $100 a night to work at Scarlett’s.

And the answer is ‘no,’ I did not go to Scarlett’s to ask questions and dig up information for this story.

However, for those interested parties, I do hear that the club has a great lunch buffet.


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