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Travel Ban: Marc Lamont Hill Needs to Lead By Example


Left-wing race grifter Marc Lamont Hill opposes a travel ban from African Ebola hot zones into America.

Since, from the safety of his elite bubble, he wants us to believe that there’s no threat coming from the 100 to 150 daily visitors from these areas, I challenge him to lead by example.

If Marc Lamont Hill will spend one day with his family greeting passengers from West Africa as they step off airplanes, I’ll take his “science” talk about there not being a threat seriously.

If he doesn’t, if he’s not willing to put himself and his own family at risk, then I will have no choice but to believe this one-percenter puts political correctness and partisan politics above showing humanity towards others.

Risks are for little people like working class flight attendants, right Marc?

John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC


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