America’s Favorite Ebola Nurse Wins In Court

A Maine judge has ruled that the temporary court order, imposed yesterday on America’s favorite Ebola nurse,  Kaci Hickox, is not binding,  even though the order had been made in consideration of the fact that her roommate  in West Africa had become infected with Ebola, (although “any potential risk to respondent from that incident has passed.”)

District Court Judge Charles C. LaVerdiere rejected a court order drawn up by Maine health officials that would have required nurse Kaci Hickox to avoid public places and keep a three-foot buffer with other people until Nov. 10, when a 21-day incubation period for the virus will end.

Thursday, Sheila Pinette of the Maine CDC, released information “that the roommate of Kaci Hickox, while in West Africa has displayed signs of ebola.”

Pinette said “The respondents roommate in Africa became infected without knowing how she became infected with Ebola.”  

 This is one of 35 points Pinette made while filing a verified petition for public health order yesterday with the state.  Kaci Hickox was issued temporary court order. The document says Hickox must submit to active monitoring, coordinate her travel with public health authorities, not use commercial or public transportation, not go to any public places or workplaces unless to receive necessary health care, and she must maintain a 3-foot distance from other people and not leave Fort Kent without consulting public health authorities.

Judge Charles C. LaVerdier said Hickox should” continue self-monitoring for Ebola symptoms, but basically “America’s sweetheart” is free to roam around town without any restraints or limitations. 

A petition has been started by one of her neighbors to pressure Hickox to obey a quarantine. The goal was reportedly 1,500 signatures, but as of this writing, it has exceeded 4,000. 

Via Gateway Pundit:

The petition reads:

This woman was exposed to the Ebola Virus in Africa. Instead of doing her required Quarantine Time, she threatened a Law Suit and got to leave after 1 DAY of Quarantine and Allowed to Return to Maine. The intent of this Petition is to Have Kaci Hickox do her Quarantine Time without it being Voluntary or risk having her Medical License Revoked.


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