Cleaver Supporter Bullies Turk Campaign Worker At Kansas City Polling Place

An Emanuel Cleaver supporter working outside a polling place at 31st and Prospect in Kansas City, Missouri, Tuesday morning, bullied a Jacob Turk campaign worker who was placing a Turk sign at the location. 

David Bernal, the Turk volunteer, said he was placing his sign 25 feet from the entrance to the polling place – next to the others – when a large African American man with a clipboard told him he couldn’t do that, and said he would tear the sign down as soon as Bernal left. 

When Bernal told the man that what he was doing was unconstitutional, he said he didn’t care. The man angrily bad-mouthed Jacob Turk and said, “this is Cleaver territory.” 

Bernal told Breitbart News the man had been approaching voters as they entered the poll, but didn’t know what he he had been telling them.

Bernal said he went inside the polling place to report the infraction and returned outside with an election official to talk to the man – at which point the man denied he had threatened to tear down the sign and had a female acquaintance back him up.

Bernal didn’t want to leave until the issue was straightened out, and luckily, a respected member of the community, Bishop Caldwell from a nearby church, got involved.  He had the Cleaver supporter apologize to Bernal for his behavior and promise to leave the sign alone.