Will Elizabeth Warren Emerge from the Democrat Ashes of 2014?

Will Elizabeth Warren Emerge from the Democrat Ashes of 2014?

Republican Senator and potential 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul has been busy piling on Hillary Clinton in the wake of the Democrats’ 2014 midterm disaster. Whatever one wants to make of that, what hasn’t gotten much mention is the end of the so-called centrist Clinton Democrat, courtesy of this year’s election.

Because the GOP was fighting for its much coveted Senate majority in red and purple states, it’s that once-vaunted wing of the Democrat party that took the biggest hits, to the point where it now may no longer even be viable.

That fact hasn’t been lost on Elizabeth Warren supporters. Whether Warren emerges or not may be an open question. But it’s hard to imagine a Democrat party that isn’t increasingly progressive as a result of 2014.

Don’t blame Elizabeth Warren for the Democrats’ midterm defeat. Follow her back to victory.

That’s the message progressives have for their fellow Democrats after Tuesday’s widespread losses. Warren’s supporters say the party fell short because it failed to emphasize the Massachusetts senator’s message of economic populism—and that pushing that message is the road back to congressional control.