Jonathan Gruber – ACA and 'The Stupidity Of The American Voter'

Another I told you so moment, and yes I’m taking this one.

FIRST … Louisianan’s, when you go to the polls December 6th remember Senator Mary Landrieu’s Obamacare vote bought with the $300 million 2010 Louisiana Purchase which is over 20 times the original Louisiana Purchase price.

This is Jonathan Gruber openly admitting what many of us who oppose Obamacare within the tea party movement and others have said all along. It was obvious to those of us that paid close attention that this was not about a solution to dealing with the problems around health insurance and healthcare delivery but an ideological ploy by Obama and all Democrats who voted for Obamacare. 

Remember when Senator Obama stated that he preferred a single-payer system.

Once again President Obama and his cronies demonstrate their elitist contempt for Americans. We are all in their eyes just too stupid to think for ourselves. After all these are Jonathan Gruber’s words. The ends justify the means, even if the ends can’t be proven good. Another important point is Gruber’s remarks about transparency not being a good thing and lack of transparency is an epidemic in the Obama White House. 

Some 214,000 doctors of the 893,000 doctors in the United States have opted out of Obamacare. How exactly does that help provide better healthcare for those who need access to healthcare? 

One of the developing tragedies is now the approximately 30 million Obama claimed would be helped by Obamacare are not even close to the majority receiving help. Time will tell the true outcome in this tale of woe with socialized medicine.


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