Landrieu Losing, Reverts To Desperate Attack Against Sullivan

In response to Landrieu Makes It Personal With Cassidy Attack:

This Landrieu ad is really dumb. She makes fun of Sullivan for stumbling on their words, yet probably didn’t stop to think that maybe he, like many other Americans, have have a speech impediment.

I don’t know it Sullivan has an issue speaking, but I can tell you that everyone, at some point, gets stage fright, or gets nervous enough that they “stumble” over their words.

It has happened to the best of them, like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, even President Obama.

Sullivan should cut his own “Whoa” attack ad highlighting Landrieu’s unwavering support for Obama’s un-American job-killing economic and foreign policies.

Struggling in the polls and locked in a race most believe she can’t win, Democrat Mary Landrieu goes after her Republican challenger Bill Cassidy in a very personal way with a new TV spot entitled “ WHOA.”  See below.


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