Harry Reid Will Need The NRA To Win Re-Election In 2016

In response to GOP Targets Reid In 2016:

If Republicans can find a viable candidates to take on Reid in 2016, a candidate that can refrain from veering too far to the right of crazy, they will be Reid.

Reid is vulnerable, and Democrats could put him out there as a sacrificial lamb, if it they think it will help them retain the White House.

But don’t count the little guy out yet. Remember, Reid’s biggest ally was, and still is the NRA, who helped him win re-election. NRA boss Wayne LaPierre came out in the final hour and endorsed him over Sharon Angle.

Actually, the NRA backed Angle over Reid.

From what I understand, Reid is still good with them, and could reach out for another favor if he sees this re-election spiraling down the toilet.

But wait. Reid has backed the Obama-Bloomberg gun control agenda, so chances are that the NRA won’t be siding with him in 2016.

Translation: Reid is screwed.