Epilogue to Mary Landrieu's last gasp: Obama will veto a Keystone XL bill anyway

The Wall Street Journal wrote about Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu’s ridiculous and pathetic play for votes by reinventing herself as a Keystone XL pipeline hawk – she stopped just short of yelling “DRILL, BABY, DRILL!” – and noted that while Senate Democrats have suddenly become vewy, vewy qwiet about their devotion to blocking that eminently sensible pipeline for environmentalist purposes, President Obama is still going to block any effort to get it done:

The Keystone XL pipeline, which would deliver Canadian oil sands to the Gulf Coast, has faced delays and has become a political flash point in the nation’s debate over climate change and economic growth. The pipeline owner, TransCanada Corp. of Calgary, Alberta, first submitted its application more than six years ago to the U.S. State Department, which has authority over cross-border oil pipelines.

The Obama administration delayed its review of the project in April until a Nebraska lawsuit is resolved, addressing questions about a state law that allowed the pipeline’s route through the state. A ruling is expected between Thanksgiving and year’s end.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday that the president would veto a Keystone approval bill, saying the president takes a “dim view” of legislation overriding the State Department’s review process.

What a charming combination of environmentalist lunacy, special-interest politics (greens are the most special special interest of all – it’s hard to tell where the EPA ends and its lobbyists begin), and classic Obama arrogance!  There’s no “review process” here – it’s pure political stonewalling, but no one in the media will dare call it “gridlock,” even though Democrats are falling all over themselves to endorse the project and about sixty percent of Americans overall support it.

Louisiana voters should know that, according to a Pew poll cited by the Journal, support for the Keystone XL pipeline has actually dropped from 54 to 43 percent over the past year and a half.  That’s because robotic Democrats think as their leaders instruct them to think, and Obama has made opposition to Keystone a psychological tic that all of his loyal followers are expected to share.  That means no elected Democrat is going to serve as a reliable champion of this project, or sensible energy policy in general.  If you want Keystone, send Mary Landrieu packing (she’ll be happier when she doesn’t have to pretend she lives in Louisiana part-time, trust me) and put another Republican in the Senate.  That might just terrify Democrats enough to make something magical happen when it’s time to over-ride Obama’s stupid “review process” and get America moving again.