Will Americans Forget About Obamacare's Rollout?

In response to Jonathan Gruber 1 Year Ago: ‘Short Attention Span Of American Public’ Will Help Them Forget About Disastrous ACA Rollout (Video):

Actually, Gruber is correct in saying that the “short attention span of the American public works to the president’s advantage.” With a lot of help from the media, who tends to  sweep anything detrimental to  the Democrat Party and its leaders under the rug, as well as from other daily and  emerging news events, Americans do tend to forget about most things.

This is usually the case, but Obamacare maybe one of those rare issues that Americans do not forget.

Remember, Americans remember what hurts them in their pocket book. This is a fact.

 “I think the short attention span of the American public works to the president’s advantage, here. I think a year from now when the law’s working, it will be long forgotten.”-Jonathan Gruber