Democrat Operative Says Charlie Crist Really Won

One of Charlie Crist’s paid operatives, liberal Democrat Kevin Cate of Cate Communication, has just put out a laughable blog post on his website called “How Charlie Crist Won.”

Apparently, Cate, who worked on Obama’s 2008 presidential election, has taken it upon himself to try to spin, and dismiss Crist’s second straight statewide political campaign loss, as only being a loss by votes.

  Everyone knows how Charlie Crist lost: votes.

But not much has been said about how Charlie Crist won.

First, the People’s Governor willingly walked into a $100 million wall. 

Rick Scott had $25 million in negative ads waiting to bully any challengers on day one and his campaign was boasting about an unprecedented, and almost entirely negative, $100 million effort. 

No one on the planet, including Republicans flirting with challenging a wildly unpopular incumbent, could or would compete with that mountain of money – except Charlie Crist. 

His job approval, before the onslaught of TV, was 57%. 

That’s because he was a good governor during the toughest of times. 

Hold it. During the toughest times, Charlie bailed on Florida because he said he could do more good in Washington, D.C.

Charlie Crist held nothing back. 

This is just a tasting from Cate’s whining post. I will save you from posting the rest.