Media’s Ferguson Narrative Achieves Orbit

Media’s Ferguson Narrative Achieves Orbit

In response to The Media is Backing Away from the Left’s Narrative About the Brown Case:

How splendid of the media to back away from that Ferguson narrative, now that they’ve caused untold property damage, and possibly contributed to a death or two.  (I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear why a gang of “juveniles” decided to beat a Bosnian man to death with hammers in front of his wife in St. Louis on Sunday night.  The mainstream press, however, seems distinctly uninterested in the story.)  

They can afford to “back away” from their precious Ferguson narrative because it’s achieved orbital velocity.  The people rioting over Michael Brown will tell you they don’t much care about what actually happened between him and Darren Wilson.  The St. Louis Rams players who trotted onto the field this weekend doing that stupid “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” salute said as much.  “No matter what went down on that day, no matter how the whole situation went down, there has to be a change,” said player Jared Cook, oblivious to the fact that his “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” pose depends entirely upon a specific, and false, interpretation of “how the whole situation went down.”  

Now the media can set about expressing a bit of skepticism and trying to salvage its reputation – perhaps even scratching their heads and asking each other how it all went so very wrong, on those shows where we get to watch journalists talk among themselves – because its work is done.  The mythology is more important than the facts.  The eggs cannot be unscrambled.  They can follow their Narrative downhill for a while, until it rolls to a stop, and they have to give it another push to get it moving again.