Heroes of Sydney

From the UK Telegraph comes a tribute to the amazing courage of the two hostages killed in Sydney:

Tori Johnson, 34, the manager of Lindt Chocolat Cafe (left) and barrister Katrina Dawson, 38, who were both tragically killed in an armed siege at a coffe shop in Sydney

That’s Tori Johnson on the left.  He was the manager of the Lindt Cafe, just 34 years old on the day of his death.  He died trying to wrestle the shotgun away from “50-year-old self-styled preacher” (yes, that’s how the Telegraph describes him) Man Haron Monis.  I guess his full name should actually be rendered as Man Haron Self Styled Lone Wolf Monis.  Unfortunately, disarming a gunman is much more difficult when you don’t have a gun yourself.

On the right is 38-year-old mother of two Katrina Dawson, a cafe patron and barrister by trade, who worked across the street from Lindt’s.  She threw herself on top of the friend she had met that day for coffee, her colleague Julie Taylor, who was pregnant.  Dawson was evidently hit by a round during the police firefight with the terrorist, and died of a heart attack en route to the hospital.

Both Johnson and Dawson were accurately hailed as heroes at a prayer service held in their honor.  You might even call them self-styled lone wolf heroes.