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'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Is the New 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

The spectacle of media pundits, including a few conservatives, joining the protests against police by sharing selfies in the “hands up, don’t shoot” posture suggests that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is a classic social media meme–one whose participants may not quite

'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Is the New 'Ice Bucket Challenge'

USS Hillary Clinton Slowly Sinking

In response to Hillary Loses: You Read It In A Magazine: This whole phony baloney invincible  facade the media has created for Hillary Clinton is slowly being pealed away, as more and more liberal Americans, including some of those very

Obama Negotiates Release of American in Cuba

It appears that the Obama administration has one again negotiated with terrorists to secure the release of American Alan Gross, who has been held prisoner in communist Cuba for 5 years.  The terrorist group the U.S. is suspected of negotiating

Rand Paul Has Sit Down With Goldman Sachs

Senator and prospective 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul addressed several Goldman Sachs executives during “a closed-door audience at the firm’s 200 West offices as part of an internal company speaker series known as Talks@GS.” Reportedly, “Paul spoke about foreign

Your new manufactured national panic: sleep hysteria

Getting enough sleep is a serious matter for me.  I had to perform several sleep studies to deal with severe apnea, and it was among the wisest health decisions I’ve made in my life.  I’m well-acquainted with everything that can

Paul PAC Hits Jeb With Web Ads

Almost as soon as Jeb Bush put out a note on Facebook announcing his new leadership PAC widely presumed to be his first step in seeking the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Sen Rand Paul’s leadership went up with a couple notes

Fat Cat Republicans Gush Over Jeb

The reaction to Jeb Bush announcing the establishment of a leadership PAC as a presumed forst step for running for the GOP 2016 nomination may not have played well across the more conservative GOP base, but the GOP’s deep-pocketed donors

Heroes of Sydney

From the UK Telegraph comes a tribute to the amazing courage of the two hostages killed in Sydney: That’s Tori Johnson on the left.  He was the manager of the Lindt Cafe, just 34 years old on the day of

Hillary Loses: You Read It In A Magazine

Hillary Clinton was much in the news when she on the cover of the June 16 issue of People magazine. But real people, if you can call journalists that, did more talking about Hillary, than the American public did to

MoveOn Gathers 110,000 Signatures For Warren claims to have gathered 110,000 signatures calling on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to run for the U.S. presidency in 2016 as part of a “Run Warren Run” effort fueled by a $1 million investment just last week. For her

Hillary Teams Up With Bloomberg On Women’s Issues

Hillary Clinton joined former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to promote “data2x, a joint venture involving the Clinton Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the United Nations Foundation”.  The pair aren’t quite the odd couple some might think, given Bloomberg’s long

Communist Dictators ReallyDon’t Like Senator Rubio

  Florida Senator Marco Rubio had a very bad weekend, this after Nicaragua’s communist dictator Daniel Ortega told Costa Rica’s Tico Times that Rubio, and one of his partners in political crime, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, would be banned from visiting his

Why Are Jeb Bush’s Emails a Big Deal?

Former Florida Gov Jeb Bush “plans to release 250,000 emails from his time as Florida governor, part of an e-book that he is writing as he mulls taking the plunge on a 2016 presidential bid”. Given that he was employed

Act of Love: Jeb Preps Run for the Presidency

If you believe everything old can be new again, then you’ll appreciate the Bush family, this time in the person of Jeb Bush, mapping out the same old plan that gave Democrat Barack Obama two terms in the White House

Act of Love: Jeb Preps Run for the Presidency

Jeff Flake Undermining Cruz and Lee

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) tends to talk a good game when it comes to taking on Barack Obama, especially when it comes to immigration. But now with the battle lines being drawn on the Republican side between conservatives and the