Texas Profile: 'Big Jolly' David Jennings

Texas Profile: 'Big Jolly' David Jennings

HOUSTON, TEXAS–Sundays in Breitbart Texas will periodically feature interviews with political figures and other news-makers across the Lone Star State. Today’s interview is with David Jennings, founder and publisher of, a political news site in Houston.

Jennings is considered one of the senior-most conservative political bloggers in Houston, having started with this “hobby” before blogging became common.  The self-professed geek, began covering the Houston political scene in 2003. In 2006, he began working with now State Senator Dan Patrick on the Lone Star Times site that helped propel Jennings into a prominent figure in the Houston political scene. In 2009, Jennings went back out on his own and founded BigJollyPolitics (BJP).

With a focus on local politics, BJP has grown to be one of the most followed political blogs in Houston.  His site has grown in terms of writers and its eventual connection as a featured blog site on, the Houston Chronicle’s online presence.

Local politics is what Big Jolly does best.  His site gets into school board issues and even some of the smallest municipalities in Harris County.  But he is also involved in statewide races as well.

As to specific issues, Jennings talked about his exposure of what he refers to as the big three “pay-to-play” endorsement slates in Harris County.  BJP has made this a focus issue in the last three election cycles. 

“We hear a lot about pay-to-play and I have certainly been the mouthpiece for that for the last seven years.  I think that this year we may have reached a critical mass – not getting rid of that segment, but reducing their influence enough that other candidates can feel that they have the ability to get in front of people and they don’t have to kowtow to three individuals in the county.”

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