Texas Federation of Republican Women: We Must be Part of the Fight

Texas Federation of Republican Women: We Must be Part of the Fight

The Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) had a message for the females in attendance at the Texas GOP convention: “We must be part of the fight!”

Several members of the prominent group spoke to a large crowd of women on Thursday.

“We are here in a time when truth is under attack in our country,” Rachel Woods, Vice President of Litigation for TFRW, said. “A messaging war has been waged. We seem to be living in a time when truth and logic are irrelevant to the left…We must have conversations, we are the people on the ground who can persuade and draw people to the polls to get them to vote. We must be part of the fight!”

Woods argued that getting into fights with those who don’t share conservative values does not help the movement. Rather, she said, conservative women should engage their neighbors in constructive conversation–even those who may not share the same beliefs.

“When we hear someone express a liberal opinion…we [must] hold on and we wait,” Woods said. “Because what we have here is an opportunity to say something and be heard by others.”

Sherry Sylvester, a Texas communications director, also addressed the crowd and shared Woods’ sentiment. 

She said that the so-called “war on women” is merely a tool to push the Democratic agenda. 

The Democrats regularly claim “that Republicans wage a war on women,” Sylvester said. “We know that’s not true, but they think it’s our weakest chain. 67 percent of women in Texas voted for Obama [in 2012]. Romney won married women by over 50 percent. So they’re going to engage us in a war for [single women] voters.”

Sylvester said the media has played a significant role in pushing the war on women. She said, “There are 15 reporters down here just trying to catch people saying something stupid. If they can catch you saying something stupid, they can make cash–we can’t fall into that, we can’t do that. Do we support equal pay for equal work? Absolutely! And if I’m better, I want more.”

Finally, Sylvester argued that in order to win over community members, Republican women must understand the mindset of opponents. 

“We have to know the battlefield,” she said. “Get out of the bunker and make sure that you’re not just listening to talk radio and Fox News. Vary your news diet–if you’ve listened to Rush [Limbaugh] for an hour, you ought to then sit down and read the New York Times. You need to know the whole conversation.”

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