Alleged Mexican Cartel Hitmen Arrested After Assassination in Texas

Alleged Mexican Cartel Hitmen Arrested After Assassination in Texas

MCALLEN, Texas — Two suspected cartel gunmen went before a federal judge this morning in connection with the murder of a Mexican attorney in the Dallas suburb of Southlake. 

Breitbart Texas has learned that federal authorities arrested Jesus Ledezma and Jose Cepeda, Friday at the Anzalduas International Bridge. Both men are suspected hitmen for the Beltran Leyva cartel who have been charged in the Northern District of Texas with crossing from Mexico with the intent to commit murder. 

Both men face up to life in prison if convicted. During the hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos, both men waived any hearing in South Texas and asked to be taken to the Northern District to stand trial. 

Sources close to the investigation have told Breitbart Texas that Ledezma also was a Mexican law enforcement official in the city of San Pedro, Nuevo Leon. The two gunmen were part of a group that spent more close to two years tailing  Juan Jose Guerrero Chapa before gunning him down outside of a shopping area on May 22, 2013 where they shot him close to 10 times in front of his wife. 

Guerrero was a Mexican attorney and businessman who had represented various key figures for the Gulf Cartel. The individuals behind the planned execution of Guerrero had fled back into Mexico and fallen out of the radar of U.S. authorities until Ledezma and Cepeda showed up at the port of entry trying to get back into the United States. Ledezma’s position in law enforcement dealt with intelligence gathering which appears to have played a role in Guerrero’s murder since sources close to the case confirmed that the hitmen had photographs, recordings and had carried out complex surveillance prior to killing Guerrero with close to 10 gunshots.  

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