FBI Director: Police Frustrated By Media Ignoring Blue Deaths

FBI Director James Comey talks about his visit to the Texas Border
Ildefonso Ortiz

Cops across the nation are frustrated by the media largely ignoring police officers killed in the line of duty, while sensationalizing the death of suspects shot by the police.

“I felt this around the country, there is a frustration around the nation… A lot of cops get shot and killed each year, and that doesn’t get a lot of media coverage,” said James Comey, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, during a news event attended by Breitbart Texas.

Comey traveled to this border city to meet with local law enforcement officials, as well as his own agents in charge of task forces that tackle public corruption and drug cartel activity.

“One of their frustrations is with that they feel we have a lot of good people risking their lives and they feel that is not part of the national conversation,” the FBI director said of the police chiefs he spoke with. “Well, look, I’m keen to make that part of the national conversation. I want to make sure we have a balanced discussion.”

One of the topics that the FBI director discussed with law-enforcement heads was the heated subject of how race affects police work. One of the biggest obstacles to a healthy discussion on the matter is an outdated data processing system, which leaves out vital statistics that could help paint a clearer picture of how race impacts crime and law enforcement, he said.

The FBI director’s comments come as national attention is focused on the situation in Maryland, where accusations of police brutality have led to rioting and chaos.

Comey said Texas police chiefs “shared their frustration with me over the tendency of our culture across the U.S. to focus on a particular incident, which they worry sometimes obscures the view of law enforcement at large – not just the good work of law enforcement, but the dangers they face.”

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