CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s Remarks About Geller — False, says PolitiFact

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PolitiFact gave CNN’s Chris Cuomo their worst possible grade–False–on his knowledge of the First Amendment for comments he made about Pam Geller, hate speech and free speech.

As Breitbart’s John Nolte has chronicled, “ Cuomo united Left and Right” after sending out a Tweet on Wednesday about the free speech debate surrounding Sunday night’s attempted terror attack. In it, Cuomo arrogantly claimed “ hate speech is excluded from protection. Don’t just say you love the constitution…read it”

Now, the CNN morning show host has even lost left-leaning PolitiFact, who decided to put Cuomo’s widely derided claim to their test.

Their conclusion?

The Supreme Court has ruled that certain categories of speech are excluded from constitutional protection, such as a threat or “fighting words.” Sometimes, speech can be both a threat and hate speech, in which case it would not necessarily have First Amendment protection.

But hate speech on its own — such as on a picket sign or a blog — is not excluded from protection. It may only be incidentally excluded.

Cuomo tried to clarify his point after the fact (…)

But on his specific claim, the jurisprudence works against him. We rate his statement False.

As PolitiFact points out in their article, Cuomo has a law degree.


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