Al Sharpton to New Black Panthers: Get Out of Charleston

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Photo: Breitbart Texas/Lee Stranahan

CHARLESTON, South Carolina—The National Action Network (NAN), Al Sharpton’s civil rights group that has close ties to the Obama administration, has called on the New Black Panther Party to leave Charleston, South Carolina.

Local NAN leaders held a press conference Wednesday night in Marion Square, where the Panther rally had been held the night before and said they “will not allow hate” in the wake of the slaughter of nine black churchgoers, allegedly at the hands of a white racist.

As Breitbart News has reported, New Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz and others speaking at Tuesday night’s rally in Charleston took a strident stance on recent events At one point, Shabazz called on the all black audience of about 250 to finish “the mission” of a former black slave who wanted to kill as many white people as possible during a planned 1822 revolt.

As reported:

National Action Network countered Shabazz’s message by insisting that violence is not the solution.

“That’s exactly what he wanted. Why would we, as logical thinking people, African Americans in particular, think that giving Dylan Roof what he wanted is the right way to do this?” said Pastor Thomas Dixon.

Local leaders say they just will not tolerate groups who try to stir up problems or form a rift between Charleston residents.

“We are asking them to please leave Charleston with that hate. We are united, black and white, in the City of Charleston to get over this and to bring solidarity and unity to Charleston,” said Johnson.

During the Tuesday rally, Shabazz openly criticized prominent civil rights leaders such as Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse Jackson, asking the crowd of about 250 why they hadn’t appeared in Charleston yet.

Sharpton and Jackson both came to Charleston for funerals of the victims on Thursday.

Shabazz spoke harsh words for “negroes” who promoted unity and forgiveness, a theme repeated by other speakers. He declared, “We don’t forgive nobody.”

Although the National Action Network and the New Black Panther Party agree on many issues, NAN takes the Obama Administration line on issues such as gun control. By contrast, the New Black Panther Party supports the Second Amendment. The organization holds that black Americans should arm themselves—a theme that came up frequently during Tuesday’s rally.

Other outside groups, such as the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, plan to protest Friday. But city officials have banned protests near the church.

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