What it’s like to Ride the ‘Train of Death’ from Mexico to the US

Train of Death
Photo: Business Insider/Michelle Frankfurter

Editors Note: This article by Harrison Jacobs was first published on BusinessInsider.com. We reprint here in part.

Photographer Michelle Frankfurter had traveled to Mexico, the US-Mexico border, and Central America for years, working first as a photojournalist and then as a human-rights worker. During her travels, she heard about a particular route that hopeful migrants take to reach the United States. In 2009, she set out to follow it.

Following the path described inSonia Nazario’s award-winning book “Enrique’s Journey,”Frankfurter headed to southern Mexico and followed the path north.

In six journeys, she rode the treacherous El Tren de la Muerte (The Train of Death), came into contact with the drug cartels, and befriended numerous migrant families, many of whom never made it to the US.

Frankfurter has shared some of her photos with us here, but you can check out the rest at her website or in her book “Destino,” available now.




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