Meet the Leftist Reverend Behind the Dallas Black Lives Matter Protest

Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood
Image: Twitter @RevJeffHood

The lead organizer of the Dallas protest where snipers opened fire on police officers has made several disturbing comments on his social media. A Breitbart News review of Jeff Hood’s internet footprint revealed regular posts about the apocalypse, violent retribution to police, and Hood even recently posted about the 2013 death of a self proclaimed “social justice warrior” who committed suicide by lighting himself on fire in front of a shopping mall in Texas.

Video of Hood speaking on camera just after the attack surfaced on social media where Hood talks about “leading the protest.”

Breitbart Texas’ Brandon Darby tweeted about protest organizer Jeff Hood wanting to “create a space for anger and rage” at the Dallas protest.

Reverend Hood closely follows police shootings and state executions and regularly prays for divine retribution for police, like this post in response to a police shooting in Dallas from April 24, 2015:

For now, the blood of black men will continue to roll down driveways, streets and sidewalks with impunity. However, God is not mocked. The judgment is coming. Those police who continue to spill the blood of black men will be held accountable…for black blood matters just as much as any other blood to God.

Also, this post from May 11, 2015:

“The police are always prepared for a gunfight. We shouldn’t be surprised when they actually get one.”

In one of his most recent tweets, dated June 26, Hood tweeted a story about Social Justice Activist Charles Moore, who went out in a blaze of glory two years ago by lighting himself on fire in front of a Texas shopping mall.

In a recent post on June 18, Hood invokes Jesus as being present as the words “Keep blowing shit up baby!” are said, seemingly during some kind of worship service led by Hood:

Just this past week, I felt the hands again. One by one, the children of God at the Church at the Table in Fort Worth stopped to affirm and celebrate my ministry. In the midst of the reverence of it all, Jesus showed up. One of my dear friends shouted out, “Keep blowing shit up baby!”

I will.


The post concludes with a picture of Hood kneeling and several people holding their hands over his head.

Hood’s posts and tweets add a religious and even apocalyptic zeal to the message espoused by many leftists, like this post from November 2015:

…Oh God damn these hate crimes and all the institutions that fail to act to prevent them. No more will we sit back and allow this community to be brutalized. No more will we act like nothing is going on. No more will we stand aside as the least of these are brutalized. God we pray that you will send fire down into our hearts to bolster us in a powerful way…then can you please send a little bit of fire down beneath our asses to keep us marching for justice. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! and…

Hood has also written several interesting titled books. From his public page on BelieveOutLoud: “Jeff is the author of three books, The Queer: An Interaction with The Gospel of John, The Queering of an American Evangelical and The Sociopathic Jesus. A Southerner, Queer, and Christian, Jeff is a committed activist, visionary writer and radical prophetic voice to a closed society.

Hood has also commented in defense of Muslims after other recent attacks, in posts here and here.


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