Rowlett Police Officer - Tea Time

Texas Cop Pauses for Tea Time on Anniversary of Saving Little Girl’s Life

A Rowlett, Texas, police officer paused for “Tea Time” with a two-year-old little girl to mark the one-year anniversary of his heroic actions that saved her life. Rowlett Police Department Senior Patrol Officer Patrick Ray responded to a 9-1-1 call last year regarding a little girl who was unresponsive after choking on a small object. As he rolled up on the scene, he observed a woman holding the lifeless body of a then 22-month-old girl.

Mikaela Kellner

Photo of Cop in Bikini Making Arrest Goes Viral

A Swedish police officer was sunbathing in her bikini when she and another woman pulled a suspected thief to the ground and she arrested him. The event occurred in Stockholm, Sweden and the photo of Mikaela Kellner in her bikini

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Texas Lights Up Blue to Support Police

The glow of the Texas Governor’s Mansion bathed in blue light shined brightly to show support for not only the fallen officers in Dallas but all law enforcement officers in Texas.