It’s Official: Leftists Failed at Protesting GOP Convention

Cleveland Police
Breitbart Texas/Brandon Darby

Leftists promised rage at the 2016 Republican National Convention and failed to deliver. The anarchists and Black Lives Matter radicals tried their hardest and simply couldn’t get anyone to show up to participate in their efforts to attack Republicans and treat police officers badly. The attempt to turn the 2016 convention into a warzone–as their movement had done at the 2008 convention–simply failed. The Cleveland anarchists and radical leftists failed and simply sucked at organizing. This year’s fireworks from the “revolutionaries” proved their movement to be even more impotent than did their failures in 2012 at the Tampa convention.

Calls to march were made by local Cleveland anarchists and very few people even showed up. Occasional glimpses of Code Pink with 5-12 ladies occurred. The local cop watch group only mustered a handful of black-clothes wearing cop-haters to participate in their hatred–and in one instance they were surrounded by convention-goers who outshouted them with support for the police.

Internal planning threads for the anarchists to which Breitbart had access indicated that the majority of groups wanted and planned on using the final day as their big bang. The biggest success of the day for the radicals was a small group wearing masks and running up and down the street with police escorting them.

As Breitbart reported, local radicals lashed out and were clearly humiliated and angry when their lack of support was made clear. The communities in Cleveland simply didn’t agree with them or want to participate with them.

Various experts on mass demonstrations–this writer included–realized the danger posed to law enforcement officers and convention-goers if large numbers of radicals were to be mobilized in the city; however, the local anarchists simply sucked at accomplishing the task.

The hatred towards police that the local radicals attempted to play off of didn’t exist. It was impossible to turn a corner without hearing someone thank police officers for what they do and for their service.

The 2016 Republican National Convention is now closing without major incident.

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