Border Patrol Union: Hillary Glorifies Lawlessness with DREAMers Speaking at DNC

National Border Patrol Council
Courtesy of NBPC

The National Border Patrol Council criticized presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for giving a DNC speaking slot to an illegal immigrant after she took pride in violating federal immigration laws.

Union president Brandon Judd shared with Breitbart Texas in a written statement that Clinton’s “decision to give illegal immigrant Astrid Silva a national stage was poor judgment and reckless.” He added that providing platforms for illegal aliens to share their successes in dodging law enforcement will not only encourage more of the same behavior, but deepen the personal risks that Border Patrol agents face in trying to uphold federal laws.

“Every day, Agents put their lives on the line to protect our borders from illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and others intending to harm our citizens. Mrs. Clinton’s embrace of lawlessness disrespects the sacrifices made by the men and women in uniform,” Judd argued.

Silva, a Nevada resident and graduate of Nevada State College, told the Democratic Convention that her family’s illegal crossing into the United States was driven by their desire to enjoy “the American Dream” while still having to live largely in hiding. Her speech offered accolades to prominent Democrats for protecting her family from law enforcement and derided those hoping to uphold existing immigration statutes as people who are “ripping families apart.”

“My family and I are here because of people like Senator Harry Reid, mi abuelito (“My Grandfather”), who put themselves in our shoes and helped us. While President Obama’s ‘immigration action’ protected me, we live in constant fear that my parents could be taken away from their grandson, Noah. So when Donald Trump talks about deporting 11 million people, he’s talking about ripping families apart … Hillary Clinton understands that this is not who we are as a country. I have seen her comfort children … I know that she will fight to keep our families together.”

The Border Patrol union claimed that the Clinton campaign’s decision to feature speakers like Silva and others demonstrates a disconnect between the Democratic establishment and the American electorate at large.

“It is unfortunate that Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats are so tone deaf that they cannot hear the voices of hard working Americans who demand border security,” Judd added. “Instead of choosing to honor the heroes who rush in when everyone else is running out, they choose to highlight those who violate our laws.”

28-year-old Astrid Silva’s speech has been made available for replay below.

Logan Churchwell is the Assistant Editor and a founding member of the Breitbart Texas team. You can follow him on Twitter @LCChurchwell.


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