Tulane Advances ‘Gender Pronoun’ Rule, Blames Trump

Remake Pronouns 101

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – Tulane University’s student government is requesting that students and professors add their preferred gender pronoun at the end of emails and during conversations on campus.

Tulane’s Undergraduate Student Government passed legislation which puts focus on the use of gender pronouns when students speak in a class or when professors communicate with students.

One of the co-sponsors of the campus legislation, Student Senator Caroline Scott, subsequently blamed the election of President-Elect Donald Trump for the university needing the pronoun policy.

“Especially in light of recent elections that have directly threatened the safety and inclusivity of many people, especially gender nonconforming individuals, inspiration from friends at other schools, and just a general idea of steps we could take to make Tulane more inclusive,” Scott told the Tulane Hullaballoo.

“Because pronouns are so integrated into our everyday language, we take them for granted without realizing that trans and gender nonconforming individuals often have to constantly think about their pronouns,” Scott continued.

“Whether it is going out of the way to tell people their pronouns or getting called by the wrong ones hundreds of times throughout the day,” Scott said.

The pronoun policy requests that professors use students’ “correct pronouns” as well as listing their own pronouns on syllabi.

The gender pronoun phenomenon on college campuses stems from sociological theory which teaches that gender is a social construct and biological gender is unrelated to “gender identity” and “gender expression.”

A recent Tulane University student protest blamed white students for alleged racism on campus, saying they needed to be “held accountable,” as Breitbart Texas reported. In the middle of the event, Trump-supporting Tulane students from a nearby dorm interrupted by chanting through a megaphone “Go Trump” and telling the protesters to “go to class.”

John Binder is a contributor for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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