Sinaloa Cartel Money Launderer Arrested in South Texas, Say Feds

Over $3 million in cash seized by San Diego Sector Border Patrol Agents in August 2016.

A man accused of helping the Sinaloa Cartel launder millions through a Chicago-based operation was arrested near the Texas Border. The operation is believed to have cleaned at least $100 million via gold trades with the proceeds returning to Mexico.

This week, the U.S. Marshal’s Service arrested Teodocio Caro on a warrant out of the Northern District of Illinois, court documents obtained by Breitbart News revealed. Caro went before U.S. Magistrate Judge Juan F. Alanis, who notified him of the pending charges against him in Chicago and oversaw the proceeding to have him sent to Illinois where he is wanted on multiple money laundering charges. Court documents do not reveal why Caro was in South Texas, nor the exact city where the U.S. Marshal’s arrested him, but the man had been on the run for more than four years.

Prosecutors allege that Caro is part of a group of Sinaloa Cartel operators who, from 2011 to at least late 2014, would gather cash from the sale of drugs and purchase scrap gold and jewelry to re-sell. Court documents point to Caro being involved in moving at least $300,000 in drug money. According to the Miami Herald, a Florida-based cash-for-gold business called Golden Opportunities is believed to have helped launder close to $100 million by melting the gold and wiring money from the sales.

The Sinaloa Cartel is considered by the U.S. government to be one of the largest criminal organizations operating on both sides of the U.S.- Mexico Border. The most recent National Drug Threat Assessment claims the Sinaloa Cartel has established routes into Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago. The cartel’s drugs are primarily pushed across the Mexican border with California, Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas.

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