Jewish Rapper Says ISIS Supporters Hacked his Website

Jewish Rapper Says ISIS Supporters Hacked his Website

Rami Even-Esh, a Jewish rapper with the stage name Kosha Dillz, claims that ISIS supporters hacked his website in October. Even-Esh asked fans on his website, “My site is hacked by ISIS. Bad promo or good?” 

The story first surfaced on on October 29. Classicalite then revealed more information, including that the hacking, perpetrated by Team System DZ, shut down the rapper’s website. After being hacked, the rapper’s website directed visitors to his Facebook page, according to Haaretz.

Even-Esh’s representative said that because the rapper supports Israel publicly and also because of songs he had published, those actions “increased a vast amount of hate emails to his Facebook and Twitter accounts.” The rapper informed the Jewish Journal that he believed he had been targeted by ISIS supporters because the hackers “praised ISIS on my site and also was referred to in other articles as an Algerian cyber branch.” 

When the New Jersey native was asked why he was targeted, he told the Journal, “Well if you consider what I do, and see how much I represent being Jewish and hip-hop and all that combined with Israel and peace, it sort of stands for everything that ISIS is not.” He said he has paid an anonymous website to “fix and protect my website as it goes back up.”

Even-Esh has a unique feature in his resume; he was the first person to perform a Hebrew rap at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Hip Hop Awards.

Image: Facebook