Breitbart's Shapiro: Obama Administration a 'Mafia-esque Organization'

Breitbart's Shapiro: Obama Administration a 'Mafia-esque Organization'

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro discussed the Obama administration’s “Mafia-esque” tactics that allow the president to avoid being held accountable in the multiple scandals plaguing his second term. 

“The Obama administration and the executive branch in general have become a situation where you have basically somebody at the top who issues blanket statements and somebody to lower level just goes ahead it does exactly what it that he wants,” Shapiro said. “There never has to be direct order or the president.”

Shapiro noted this leaves the president free to fake outrage when the scandal breaks, stall with investigations and then claim its an old phony scandal.

Taking aim at Attorney General Eric Holder, Shapiro said the Department of Justice that should be investigating potential criminality by the administration and “is led by probably the worst criminal in the administration.”

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