Pat Buchanan: Mexican Gov't 'Colluding' in 'Balkanization' of US

Pat Buchanan: Mexican Gov't 'Colluding' in 'Balkanization' of US

On Tuesday’s Laura Ingraham radio show, author and columnist Patrick Buchanan told guest host Raymond Arroyo that the US “cease to be one nation and one people” and no longer be “recognizable” if it does not stop the Mexican government from “colluding” to send illegal immigrant children over the southern border.  He accused Mexican officials of encouraging the influx of unaccompanied minors, “the Mexican government is colluding in sending these kids into the United States” he charged.  

He warned of demographic “Balkanization” and “breakup” if the flow of illegal immigrants isn’t halted. “If everyone has a right to come to the United States because of the conditions at home…you’re going to end up with no country, you’re going to end up with no America that is recognizable,” and added “you can see this happening in Europe right now” Buchanan said.  

 Buchanan also cautioned that allowing mass immigration from other areas of the world facing humanitarian crises, stating “I feel sorry for these people from the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and the Arab countries of Africa, but if they come across into those numbers it’s going to be an Islamic continent.”

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