AZ Sheriff: Exec Amnesty Will Make Law Enforcement's Job 'Far More Difficult'

AZ Sheriff: Exec Amnesty Will Make Law Enforcement's Job 'Far More Difficult'

Pinal County, AZ, Sheriff Paul Babeu reported that an executive order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants would make his and other local sheriffs’ jobs “far more difficult” on Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

“It’s [executive amnesty] going to make it [law enforcement’s job] far more difficult. We don’t have enough resources to fully do our job for the families that are in our counties, in these rural counties, yet we’re tasked with enforcing the laws on the federal side, and with the cartels, with the illegals and then what [Rep. Steve] Scalise (R-LA) just mentioned, the threat from ISIS, it’s common sense for every American that this border is not secured, and forget just these issues we’re talking about, but the grave national security threats that I’m concerned about, because it’s going to be my deputies and local cops all over this country that if there is a disaster of some sort or an attack, it’s going to be our cops that are going to be the initial responders” he said.

Babeu also argued that building massive residential facilities for illegal immigrants incentivizes more illegal immigration, saying “we’re sending the wrong message, not just to Mexico, but the Central American countries, that now we have 90,000 unaccompanied juveniles, some of which are housed even in my county, in Pinal County, Arizona, and we need to restore the law and enforce the law.” And “it [building the facilities] incentivizes bad behavior, criminal behavior and undermines not just the rule of law. You’re sending a message, not just to these 90,000. If anybody has an idea that they’re going anywhere but staying here, think again. But, you’re telling the hundreds of thousands, millions of future illegals that ‘if you make it to the border, you’re home free,’ and we can’t afford that.”

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