Tucker Carlson: GOP Should Adopt Jeff Sessions’ Populism

Tucker Carlson: GOP Should Adopt Jeff Sessions’ Populism

Daily Caller Editor-In-Chief Tucker Carlson argues that the Republican Party should embrace the populist positions of Senator Jeff Sessions on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

“Jeff Sessions is so popular he could come to work in a dress and still be running unopposed. He is the most popular person in Alabama except for maybe Nick Saban, and it’s all earned in my opinion…I tend to agree, we’re in a moment of economic populism, people who make under $300,000 a year have seen their actual earning power decline in the last decade if not the last 40 years, and they’re upset about it and that is not the message that your average Republican donor or the people who run the RNC were quick to figure out, they just, I don’t know, somehow lost that” he said.

Carlson compared Sessions’ popularity with the failure of GOP candidates in Georgia and North Carolina to gain large leads, saying, “I think there are two things going on, both of which you talk about on your show, and these are the issues of our time. One is demographic change. It’s just a different population in America from what we grew up with, just different voters. And the truth is non-white voters don’t vote Republican. Maybe they will, at some point, but they don’t now, partly because the Democratic Party is always telling them, (there’s a front page piece in The New York Times today that explains this), telling them, ‘Vote Republican and you’ll get lynched.’ Whipping up racial fears that’s part of the reason, and the other reason Republicans haven’t swept far, far ahead as they should, is because they haven’t appealed to working voters, middle class voters. The Democrat Party is a coalition of the rich and the poor, and so Republicans you would think would make a play for everyone else, but in some cases they really haven’t,  and that explains the lack of enthusiasm I think.”

Carlson also said that a Wall Street Journal opinion piece accusing Ingraham of “nativism” was “a tactic that you would think would be beneath them.”

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