Sen Hoeven: Illegal Immigrants Can Take Keystone Jobs Under Exec Amnesty

On Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show,” Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) reported that illegal immigrants would be eligible to work on the Keystone XL pipeline unless Congress defunds the president’s executive action on illegal immigration.

Initially, he said “well under the law, you[‘ve] got to have a work permit to do any kind of work, so no. I mean, again, if the administration properly enforces the law then you’ve go to have a…either be a citizen or have a green card or a proper work permit,” however, after it was pointed out that illegal immigrants are eligible for work permits under the president’s executive action, he responded “starting with my opinion as to how it should be done, but yes. Unless we’re able to defund or block President Obama’s amnesty executive order, yes, they would be able to work on various, I guess any project.”

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