Daily Beast’s Obeidallah: Radical Islam ‘Made-Up Idea’

Daily Beast writer Dean Obeidallah argued that radical Islam is a “made-up idea” on Monday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

Obeidallah, commenting on “Saturday Night Live’s” sketch about the fear of drawing the prophet Mohammed, stated, “I thought it was extremely funny. I praised it. I thought they did a great job. They’re making fun of the fear some people have about drawing the Prophet Mohammed.”

He added, “I really hope, and I wrote in my article for the Daily Beast, that we get to that point. I think, frankly, among mainstream Muslims, which, in America, that’s what we are, except for a few exceptions, what we saw in Garland, Texas, it’s a yawn. The idea you’re going to draw the prophet Mohammed. You can do that. And the response from the Muslim community, if they were upset, would be to call NBC or send emails like any other group when they get upset about something.”

Obeidallah then argued, “the writers, their goal was not to make fun of radical Islam, this made-up idea. There are radical Muslims but the idea of radical Islam–”

He concluded by saying of “SNL,” “they punch up in comedy. And that’s the best form of comedy. You’re punching up at people in power, and maybe scary bogeymen. Punching down is demonizing minority groups. That’s what Pamela Geller did. So…it was a great week. ‘Saturday Night Live’ had this great sketch we all laughed, and Pamela Geller was finally exposed for what we knew in the Muslim community, as a well-paid, well compensated, anti-Muslim bigot who demonizes for a living, frankly. So, I’m – I think, overall, a great week.”

(h/t Daily Caller)

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