Schweizer: Stephanopoulos Worse Than Brian Williams

“Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer argued George Stephanopoulos’ behavior is worse than Brian Williams’ on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Earlier, Schweizer said of Stephanopoulos, “He certainly knew that he had donated to the Clinton Foundation and he also knew that — as I lay out in the article, he had participated in all these events. I mean, we’re not just talking about George Stephanopolous’ time — his money. We’re also talking about his time.

When asked if he thought there was collusion with the Clinton campaign on Stephanopoulos’ part, he responded, “I will say this. Somebody did tell me, that would have reason to know, that he went through the book in great detail, and made lots of notes, so he spent a lot of time going through this book. I don’t know if he had collaboration, but this was something that he was very, very focused on. Look, Sean, I don’t mind tough questions, but when it’s tough questions in the search of truth, that’s one thing. This is not.”

He added, “the only people at ABC News [who] looked at this was the investigative unit. And they’ve run several articles talking about the troubling patterns that the book pointed out. That there was flow of money –” and that Stephanopoulos’ characterization of ABC’s investigation into “Clinton Cash” was untrue. And also that Stephanopoulos was incorrect to say he admitted to having “no direct evidence” in an interview on “The Daily Show.”

Schweizer concluded, “I would say that if you compare it to the Brian Williams case, I think this is worse, because I think in the Brian Williams case, okay, yes, he elaborated and exaggerated certain things…this was actually the heart of the reporting. That was more Brian Williams going on late night talk shows. This goes to the heart and the essence of journalism. So, I think that you look at what happened to Brian Williams, I think this is far more severe.

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