Coulter: ‘Driving Up the White Vote’ the Key to GOP’s Success

On Monday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Ann Coulter, author of the new book “¡Adios, America! — The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole,” took on the theory that the Republican Party has to pander to certain demographics to achieve electoral success.

According to Coulter, the way Republicans win is by instead looking to bolster the white vote and appeal to the base.

“The way that Republicans win is by driving up the white vote,” she said. “It’s not by appealing to women or Hispanics or blacks. In fact, those groups are going to start fighting among one another.”

“How about for once appealing to your base?” she continued. “The Democrats don’t obsess on ‘how do we get gun rights owners to support us a tiny bit more? How do we get pro-lifers to support us? Let’s get a slice of the evangelicals.’ The Republicans have been tricked into a suicidal electoral strategy. If [Mitt] Romney had gotten 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, which by the way Bush didn’t get … he didn’t get 51 [percent]. If you’re not getting 51 percent, you’re losing.”

“If Romney had won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, he still loses,” Coulter added. “If he had gotten four points more of the white vote, he would have won. What should Republicans be going for?”

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