Marathon Bombing Survivor: Bomber Gave an Oscar Worthy Performance

Wednesday at press conference, survivor Lynn Julian reacted to Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev statement in court during his sentencing hearing by saying it was “insincere,” and an “Oscar-type speech,” that she “regrets” having to hear.

Julian who lived a block from the finish line and was at the first explosion suffers with traumatic brain injury, permanent hearing loss in both ears, a back injury and post traumatic stress.

Julian said, “I just wanted to vent a little bit about the first time we heard his voice today. Nobody really realized that we didn’t know what he sounded like after two years. And after we heard it, we wished we hadn’t because the things he had to say were sort of shocking. He talked at first about Allah an this being the month of forgiveness. And implying that we should all forgive him. And the last thing we wanted to hear was about Allah and why he did this in the first place and changed all our lives forever.”

“And then he went on to give a sort of Oscar-type speech thanking the judge and thanking the jury and thanking his legal team and those who couldn’t be here and his family for testifying and making and I quote ‘making my life easy for the past two years,’ well, our lives have been anything but easy and our lives will never be the same again.

“I live a block from the finish line and my neighborhood is changed forever. He threw in an apology to the survivors that seemed insincere and just thrown in because he was supposed to and then ended Again with Allah talking about leniency. Implying that we should now be lenient to him because Allah says so. And I just was unaware that he would get up and say whatever he wanted and that’s the law. And I regret having ever wanted to hear him speak because what he said showed no remorse. no regret. and no empathy for what he’s done to our lives,” she concluded.

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