Watch: DC Anchor Goes on Tirade Against Big Game Hunting, Equates to Murdering People

On Wednesday’s “Good Day DC” on Fox 5, anchor Maureen Umeh reacted to Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer allegedly killing a lion, known as “Cecil,” in Zimbabwe.

A “disgusted” Umeh said she would be one of the people sending hate mail to Palmer, calling him “the lowest form” for killing a lion and she said that she thinks that if someone would hunt an animal, they would do the same thing to a person.

“I don’t care what you feel about hunting, personally. I am disgusted. I would be one of those people calling and writing this dentist, telling him, ‘You are there the lowest form to do this.’ To me I really believe this this is the stone’s throw if you can do this to an animal, you would do this to a person.”

A co-anchor replied, “I think that’s a huge leap.”

“Well, for me, that’s how I feel. I am disgusted,” responded Umeh.

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