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12-Year-Old Female Hunter Brushes Off Death Wishes: ‘I’m Never Going to Stop’

On August 19, Breitbart News reported that big game hunter Aryanna Gourdin received death wishes and ridicule on social media after posting a photo that showed her standing by a giraffe she shot and killed, her bolt action rifle in the foreground. In spite of the criticism, the 12-year-old declares she will never stop hunting.

12-Year-Old Female Hunter Brushes Off Death Wishes: ‘I’m Never Going To Stop

Prince William Defends Trophy Hunting. Brave Call.

Prince William has bravely come out in defence of trophy hunting. ‘There is a place for commercial hunting in Africa as there is round the world,’ although he conceded: ‘It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.’ For this the heir to


Minnesota Dentist Won’t be Charged in Lion Killing

(KMSP) – Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer became the subject of public outrage after killing the beloved Cecil the Lion this July, and Zimbabwe’s environment minister announced Monday he won’t be charged and Zimbabwe officials are no longer calling for his extradition.

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No Charges Filed Against Hunter in Killing of Cecil the Lion

The quiet coda to last month’s Category 5 Internet freak-out arrives via Reuters, which reports no charges will be filed against Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer in the death of Zimbabwe’s most famous resident, Cecil the Lion.

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Maher, Goodall: Big Game Hunters Must Have Small Penises

HBO host Bill Maher and Jane Goodall Institute Founder Jane Goodall argued that big game hunters must do engage in the activity because they have small penises on Friday’s “Real Time.” Maher asked, “What did you think of the whole


Lions Are People Too

Cecil, a socially-conscious king of the jungle, presumably eschewed the parched-grassland delicacies of antelope, zebra, and giraffe in favor of vegan fare. This would explain why his apostles trashed Walter Palmer’s vacation home and St. Sharon Osbourne, married to a known predator of smaller flying creatures, dubbed the hunter “Satan” and called for his head mounted to a wall. Such a beautiful creature would never stoop to the level of a beastly dentist.

Cowardly Lion

Cecil the Lion: It’s What Nelson Mandela Would have Wanted

As a caring, sensitive, non-racist person, one of the things I often ask myself when mulling over tricky moral issues is: “What would Madiba* have done?” (* see note below) One such moral conundrum has been the killing of Cecil,

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Cecil the Lion Gets His Own Beanie Baby

Ty Inc. has unveiled a special Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby plush toy to honor the Zimbabwean lion who was killed last month in a big game hunt.

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Stop Trying to Make Cecil the Lion a Planned Parenthood Story

The murder of Cecil, a famous Zimbabwean lion, at the hands of an American dentist on an exotic game hunt has become this summer’s national outrage. Liberals are calling for government intervention to prevent Americans from exotic animal hunting and the mainstream media has carved out hours of time to discuss this injustice.

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Zimbabwe Wants Lion-Killer Dentist Extradited as He Goes into Hiding

The Minnesota dentist who is charged with hunting and killing Zimbabwe’s Cecil The Lion has gone into hiding as animal rights activists target his home and offices with protests and vandalism. But now the African nation where the hunt took place is also seeking his extradition to face charges of illegal hunting in the death of the well-known lion.

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Rubio: People Should More Upset Over PP Vids Than a Lion

Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said that people should be more outraged over Planned Parenthood’s actions than they are over the death of Cecil the lion in an interview with TMZ on Friday. Rubio said that whatever the

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Team Obama Vows Justice for Cecil the Lion

The Obama administration is moving to investigate the death of Cecil The Lion, in reaction to the online uproar over the news that the huge African cat was killed by an American dentist.


Genocide, Starvation, LGBT Attacks take Backseat to Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe

Cecil, a 13-year-old lion that was, for many Zimbabweans, the sole source of pride in an otherwise hellish dictatorship, is dead. His death at the hands of an American dentist has done what the deaths of tens of thousands of Zimbabwean humans have failed to do since Robert Mugabe’s ascendance to head of state: get Americans to care about Zimbabwe.

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