Obama: Climate Deniers Who Ignore Science Are on ‘Their Own Shrinking Island’

Monday night at the GLACIER Conference in Anchorage, AK, President Barack Obama attempted to isolate those who question whether climate change is man-made saying they are “on their own shrinking island.”

Obama said, “We know human activity is changing the climate that is beyond dispute. Everything else is politics.”

He continued, “We’re starting to see that enough consensus is being built internationally and within each of our own body politics that we may have the political will, finally, to get moving. So the time to heed the critics and the cynics and the deniers is past. The time to plead ignorance is surely past.”

“Those who want to ignore the science, they are increasingly alone,” he added. “They’re on their own shrinking island.”

In advocating for a climate change treaty to come out the United Nations’ Paris climate talks in December, Obama said “This year, in Paris, has to be the year that the world finally reached an agreement to protect the one planet that we’ve got, while we still can.”

President Obama has committed the United States to reducing it’s emissions up to 28 percent before 2025 while less than 60 countries have joined the effort by also submitted emissions goals which represents only about three-fifths of the world’s total carbon emissions.

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