Fiorina on Trump: ‘Important’ to Know Difference Between Hamas, Hezbollah

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina discussed the controversy over Republican front-runner Donald Trump being stumped on foreign policy “gotcha” questions from radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Fiorina said, “I think it’s perfectly acceptable you don’t know the name of every terrorist leader. I don’t always either. I do think it’s important to know who our enemies are. I think it’s important to know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah. And to know as well that both of them, for example, are proxies of Iran. I do think we’ve come to a place, though, where people realize that running for political office all your life isn’t necessarily the most qualifying set of experiences either. We have a professional political class, 80% of the American people now think we have professional political class that is either unwilling or unable to challenge the status quo of Washington and get anything done. We have festering problems in Washington. not to mention a lack of leadership around the world.”

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