Carson: Immigrants Are Welcome But ‘They Don’t Get to Change Who We Are’

On Friday, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson spoke in Washington, DC at the Family Research Council’s 10th annual Values Voter Summit.

In that appearance he spoke about his view on immigration and assimilation.

Carson said, “I really get irritated when people complain about America. And they say that we are a terrible place and we are the source of all evil in the world. If we were so bad why is everybody trying to get in here and nobody is trying to escape. You know it’s craziness. There is such a thing as the American way and we should be proud of it. Have you noticed there is no Canadian way, there is no French way, there is no Egyptian way. There is no other way except America. Lets be proud of who we are.”

He continued, “And it really is one of the reasons I for one am not interested in giving away all of our values and principles so that we can be politically correct. That is a bunch of craziness. And you know some people when you say things like that say you are bigoted  and racist because you don’t want people to import their way of life and we should be willing to accept the way that other people do things. Anbody is welcome to come to America as far as I’m concerned as long as they meet all of our criteria. But they don’t get to change who we are. You know that is a very important concept.”

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